Leaking roof, chipping paint, worn-out floors, drainage issue, outdated features, and damaged foundation are a few signs to renovate your home. While some handle the job themselves, nothing can beat a seasoned company that specializes in all. That is where home renovations Kitchener services comes into play.

When looking for an expert, direct your attention to those with the right expertise and commitment. At home renovations Kitchener we provide solutions that can exceed your requirements. Our team consists of the best people. We have a complete set of innovative equipment and pride ourselves on our competitive rate.

About Us

Kitchener Home Renovations is a construction and renovator specialists located in right here in the city. We strive to incorporate quality craftsmanship into our services. We work with dedication to streamline the process and complete the project with the peace of mind.

For the past many years, the demand for home reno’s has been increasing. The number of service providers is no exception. Despite that, we are confident with our skills, integrity, and professionalism. Before we send our people straight to your doorsteps, we ensure that they are trustworthy, straightforward, courteous, and friendly.

That’s not all! Our professional contractors have relevant education and experience. We also undergo a post-baccalaureate degree to meet the market’s shifting needs and demands. Since day one, the best results have been associated with our name because we use the finest materials.



General Contractor Services

Do you have wide-ranging renovation projects that encompass several rooms? Then, home renovations Kitchener are the experts you’re looking for. Although your project requires several types of contractors, we have got you covered. Whether you need to take out a wall, replace rooms, or add a bedroom, we have the most reputable professionals. We have certifications in electrical, plumbing, structural support, and other aspects. So, why would you hire specialists from different countries? We are a one-stop service provider that can make your dreams a reality.

Basement Renovations

It’s given that the basement is the lowest room in your house and sometimes the fogotten place. Despite that, don’t handle the reno’s yourself or take advantage of the cheapest solutions. Our company can add a stylish bedroom. Although it is a simple space, we can transform it into a valuable addition to your property.

Home Additions

From creating a nursery room to expanding your kitchen, our home additions are of the highest quality and are available at an affordable cost. We can add more living space into your home and provide opportunities to make lasting memories.

Do you have a small kitchen? Or do you need another bedroom? Whatever your project may be, we are here help you throughout the entire process.

Bathroom Renovations & Remodeling

Generally speaking, bathrooms are smaller rooms than other areas in your home. But the good news is that they can still make a big difference for your everyday use. When you’re planning to sell your house, a high price value is what to expect along the way. Of course, you have remodeling ideas in mind. So, don’t feel afraid to tell us about your unique expectations. We will work with you as closely as possible, and we build a long-term relationship. As a provider of topnotch home renovation services, we can protect your investment. We will guide you from start to finish. Plus, we will get the project done according to the highest industry standards.

Emergency Repair

Fire, fallen tree, and flood are inevitable. But preparation is key, making the damages less stressful. To get things back to normal, we have the most experienced technicians and inspectors for your project. We will send the best of our people directly to your location. We have the equipment and quality materials. More than that, we are fast and responsive. We accommodate our customer’s concerns right away, saving some cash, and avoiding serious damages.

Roof Construction & Repair

Your roofing system protects you from the rain, a snowstorm, and the sun. As one of the most visible and important architectural elements, repair or replace them when the need arises. Of course, some may have prior knowledge. However, it is tricky, and you may not have the necessary tools for the job. This is where [Insert Company] got your back. We can make your roof aesthetically pleasing, strong, and long-lasting.

Siding Construction & Installation

Siding is an ideal option for the outside surface of most residential properties. Available in a wide range of textures and colors, it’s sturdy and beautiful. But its functionality will fade after some time. Whether you want to add or replace your siding, we can fulfill your goals within a snap.

Mission / Vision

Our contractors are highly dedicated to building long-term relationships based on value, customer satisfaction, integrity, and performance thru our eco-friendly, affordable, professional, high-end, safe and simply the best  home reno services.

We will continue to exceed our customer’s changing needs and demands with our excellent solutions by our most capable and seasoned professionals.We also dream of becoming an acknowledged industry leader in design and construction by renovating sustainable and cost-effective homes or offices. 

Our vision is not only to be a construction and the best renovation company. We are a committed team striving to bring growth to the industry and make our clients’ dream happen. We also want to be the area’s pre-eminent builder of cutting-edge and trendy structures for all.


Our Kitchener, On based team has a reputation for individualized and affordable services. More than that, we pride ourselves on our team. We do not only have the most knowledgeable people, but we also have the experts of unparalleled commitment. Despite the difficulty of the project, we make sure to give our clients with enough attention, care, and dedication. We do not cut corners. We stop until we see that our clients are satisfied with our home renovation and construction.

So, what are you waiting on? Be one of our clients today. We provide free quotes and other amazing deals. For more information about our services and discounts, don’t hesitate to call us. Our people are ready to inspect your home, fix the problem, and restore comfort. You can also send us your queries via our website 

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